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The emerald was hand-cut in the mid-2000's cutter unknown


The emerald:

Invent No: ACOR072

Estimated weights colours & clarities

Certified weight: 1.42cts Cut: round step cut

Certified Colour: transparent green

Colour Distribution: even

Hue: Intense

Tone: strong

Estimated Clarity: LI - MI (Light - Moderately Included)

Brilliance: 85%

Girdle: polished

Dimensions: 7.0mm x 6.8mm x 4.7mm (Length x Width x Depth)

Refractive Indices: 1.579 - 1.585

Specific Gravity: 2.72

Hardness: 7.5 - 8

Origin: Zambian Africa

Treatment: Evidence of treatment is moderate.

Certificate/Report - Gem & Pearl Laboratory - Report No.17283 - dated 17 May 2019

Emerald Zambian 1.42ct Round Step Cut


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