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          "When I first met Alan, I was initially dazzled by an array of spectacular pieces of jewellery....the awe inspired to discover that not only did this man design and work with his partner Sue from Scarab Antiques to create true works of art which were from the best periods, techniques and designers throughout history creating modern individual and completely classic pieces...but...Alan comes from a line of Stone Cutters

        He hand picks natural gemstones in their rawest forms, cutting & polishing them into exceptional pieces which show off the stones to their maximum beauty by using modern amazing

techniques. Each stone is given careful consideration to  bring out the best colour, brilliance which reveals it's inner beauty.


          It is rare to find gems that have been well cut, let alone be able to find a Master Stone Cutter, as Alan, who can take you from the rawest form, give it life then create a finished piece that will blow your mind!"  CHLOË HOLT -  RCA FRSA




"CHLOË thanks for your wonderful testimonial and  feed back I look forward to our next project together."


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"As a Silversmith, Jeweller and Enameler, I have been setting gemstones for many years. However, my knowledge is only the tip of the iceberg compared to a master  stone cutter such as Alan. Until I met Alan and saw his work, I did not appreciate the skill but the intrinsic understanding of the raw material required to cut a beautiful gemstone.


     The quality of his stone cutting and the life, colour and brightness Alan brings out is amazing. He has the ability ti look at a piece of rough material and see exactly where that beautiful gemstone is hidden and the master skills to bring it out in the world." 



Award Winning Silversmith,

"JEAN that is a major compliment from an AWARD winning Silversmith & someone with your skill & talent.  I look forward to seeing the next amazing piece you produce from the tourmaline that you have just taken."



It has been one of the great pleasures in my business & personal life, to have met Alan and to have been privy to the enormous skills he displays within the world of gemstones.


There is a much over used adjective within our trade that describes someone as a true artist at what they do. In Alan’s case, it’s use would be an understatement !


Dealer & Owner 

Deco Dave

"DAVE thank you for your very kind words considering your talent in the art of restoration in Art Deco lighting." 


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I have known Alan for some 14 years I hold his knowledge as a gem cutter and jeweller in the highest regard.


   His designs are innovative and his craftsmanship impeccable and                importantly he is wholly ethical in his business approach.                 

Over the years he has generously shared his professional knowledge and kindly guided me through some of the challenges of gemstones for which I am eternally greatful.


Self Employed Fine Art Consultant

Valuations for Probate and Insurance

Free advice to charities

"TINA its a pleasure to help out wherever needed. As you know I am just a phone call away.  Thank you for your kind words." 


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    Great company to sell to - genuine and respectful style of dealing - shrewd but not shy.


Sharp eye for quality and design, ready to push the market by recognising and introducing "out of the norm" top quality pieces - very healthy for the business in general!


Trade with absolute confidence.


Pollyanne Trapmore-Shaw

Theatre Programme & Operations Manager (Magna Vitae Trust)

"POLLYANNE it was very kind of you to leave this recommendation on my LinkedIn profile."


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"Alan is really a man of integrity having sincere wishes for those who come in contact with him.


I have found him a real friend and fair business man.

I wish him touch the summit of grandeur." 



Owner Artpore 

Antiques & Collectables

"GHULAM it was very kind of you to leave this recommendation on my LinkedIn profile."


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